Practice Areas

International Trade

Manelli Selter PLLC counsels and represents clients in the regulatory, contractual, and litigation aspects of international trade and investment. The firm helps companies plan their international operations, comply with applicable laws and regulations, advocate their interests before federal agencies and Congress on policy matters, negotiate contracts, and litigate disputes. Stuart E. Benson is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade Agreements of the U.S. Department of Commerce and former Deputy Assistant Legal Adviser for Economic and Business Affairs at the Department of State.

The firm represents clients in import relief proceedings under all relevant laws. Our combined expertise in international trade, intellectual property, food and drug, and transportation law gives us the ability to assist effectively in controversies involving international unfair competition. Stuart E. Benson has many years of experience in Section 337 unfair imports investigations before the U.S. International Trade Commission. Stuart Benson also has extensive experience in litigating cases under U.S. antidumping law, countervailing-duty law, and Section 201 before the ITC and Department of Commerce, and with Section 232, regarding imports that threaten U.S. national security.